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What is yoni massage?

Yoni massage is an intimate, erotic, and sensual experience wherein the yoni, or vagina, is massaged internally, creating a sense of deep pleasure, intimacy, connection, and openness.

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Tantra Massages for Self-Development

  For Women

This course unlocks the mysteries, helping you to go even deeper into your sexuality.

Do you have old traumas or low libido? Yoni massage will help you release unhelpful energy patterns so you can experience intense multiple orgasms.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Reawaken and revitalize your sexuality.
  • Feel confident, sensual, and radiant.
  • Create a stronger connection with your partner.
  • Have more intense, longer lasting, and multiple orgasms

  For Men

This course will help you unravel the mysteries of women’s sexuality so you can give her mind-blowing orgasms, easily.

You will learn how to help her overcome traumas and open herself up, heart, mind, and body. Your sexual intimacy will reach a whole new dimension.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Give mind-blowing orgasms.
  • Feel confident and masterful in the bedroom.
  • Spice up your sex life.
  • Create a greater sense of connection and openness in your relationship.

I embarked on a journey with yoni massage due to my total exasperation with a lifelong lack of pleasure and satisfaction during my intimate experiences. Through yoni massage, I learned how my body works and came to understand the true meaning of relaxation and surrender, which transformed my experience of pleasure. Yoni massage not only revolutionized my sexuality and experience of pleasure, but also my expression and enjoyment of my femininity. I highly recommend yoni massage for every woman.

Yoni Massage Training, Beginner to Advanced

Long remained secret and restricted to circles of initiates, the techniques of this tantric ritual are now available to you thanks to our easy-to-follow course which includes:

Organic Tantra - Tantra Massage Online Training

Start learning now with the Beginner level. Over this course, you will learn the basics to give a simple but amazing yoni massage and how to:

  • Prepare properly for this experience.
  • Give a general relaxing and sensual full-body massage.
  • Bring your partner's awareness to the different zones of her vagina.
  • Deal with painful knots or numb spots.
  • Touch her clitoris, K-spot, and G-spot.

When you’re ready for more, you can upgrade to the full course (you just pay the price difference).

The full course unlocks all the secrets of the mystical, sensual yoni massage. In the Intermediate and Advanced levels, you will learn how to:

  • Give a more complete and longer sensual full-body massage.
  • Release blockages and past traumas and deal with emotional release
  • Stimulate her G-spot to make her ejaculate.
  • Build and circulate sexual energy throughout your body and hers.
  • Touch, awaken her cervix and facilitate the cervical orgasm, the most intense one.
  • Turn yoni massage into a spiritual practice.
  • Build waves of pleasures.
  • Reach energetic full-body orgasms.

This product contains adult language and situations, and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

Hi, my name is Cédric. My life changed a few years ago when I moved to a tropical island in Thailand and was introduced to yoga and Tantra. During this journey, I heard about Yoni massage and wanted to learn some techniques to become a better lover.

I soon found out that my idea of what a woman feels when you touch her vagina was far from reality and that there are specific ways to stimulate certain spots which could give her immense pleasure.

Luckily, I was in a very open-minded environment, and I was able to deepen my practice with the help of some wonderful women. I have seen first-hand how life-changing this experience could be for them, I realised that it was the most beautiful gift you can possibly give to a woman and that the world would be a better place if all women could receive it, and if most men knew how to give it.


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