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Yoni Massage Online Course

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Start learning now with the Beginner level. Over this course, you will learn the basics to give a simple but amazing yoni massage and how to:

  • Prepare properly for this experience.
  • Give a general relaxing and sensual full-body massage.
  • Bring your partner's awareness to the different zones of her vagina.
  • Deal with painful knots or numb spots.
  • Touch her clitoris, K-spot, and G-spot.

When you’re ready for more, you can upgrade to the full course (you just pay the price difference).

The full course unlocks all the secrets of the mystical, sensual yoni massage. In the Intermediate and Advanced levels, you will learn how to:

  • Give a more complete and longer sensual full-body massage.
  • Release blockages and past traumas and deal with emotional release
  • Stimulate her G-spot to make her ejaculate.
  • Build and circulate sexual energy throughout your body and hers.
  • Touch, awaken her cervix and facilitate the cervical orgasm, the most intense one.
  • Turn yoni massage into a spiritual practice.
  • Build waves of pleasures.
  • Reach energetic full-body orgasms.