How to Facilitate Cervical Orgasm

It's important that your partner doesn't feel like she has to orgasm to please you. Otherwise, orgasm will never happen. Let her relax, and show her you enjoy the massage by your breathing and sounds of pleasure and appreciation.

The cervical orgasm is the deepest orgasm that a woman can experience if she surrenders and opens in complete trust, and if her cervix is awakened and properly stimulated (about 45 minutes). Be patient and work on it.

Breath is essential to open the tissues and release the tensions. If you notice that she holds her breath, invite her to inhale down to her genitals and exhale up her spine (as in the Microcosmic Orbit).

Her breath may change in frequency and deepness. Try to synchronize your breath with hers. Find the rhythm she enjoys and continue on it.

In order to reach cervical orgasm, you need to build higher and higher waves of pleasure. Stimulate her G-spot (or another sensitive zone, like the clitoris) and try to bring her close to orgasm. When she is close, change position and stimulate her cervix with the different techniques seen previously. Repeat as many times as she can take it.