Full-body Massage

full body massage

Before the full-body massage, invite her to lay down on the bed, wearing a sarong at first if the feels more comfortable than naked.

The yoni massage begins with a full-body massage. This is a crucial trust-building step that allows your partner to get used to your touch, to relax into the experience, and to begin to feel aroused and open.

If she was wearing a sarong, take it aside when you start. The receiver should be naked, as you will massage every part of her body. Undressing during the massage will break the flow and take her out of her mental space.

A good sequence is to start with the back then do to the front to move her progressively into a good position to start the yoni massage itself. The following sections will lead you in some basic moves to give her a pleasurable, sensual full-body massage. The upcoming videos show some movements, but take much more time while repeating each of them.

The massage should last at least 30 minutes, up to one hour, in order for her to fully relax, surrender, and become excited.

As you give the body massage, remember:

  • Be present.
  • Take your time.
  • Let your hands be guided by your intuition.
  • Let the movements flow through your arms but involve your whole body and move from your hips.
  • Never cross the spine with pressure when you give the massage.
  • Communicate. Check with her that she's comfortable and that the pressure is good. But don't talk too much; let her stay inside her body.
  • Pay attention to her body language and facial expressions and allow them to guide you.

Invite her to use the sound and intensity of her breath to tell you what feels especially good.