Caressing the Clitoris

The head of the clitoris is extremely sensitive, and touching here can lead to extreme pleasure or discomfort.

To increase your chances of bringing your partner extreme pleasure, always begin with indirect stimulation before attempting to touch the head.

Once your partner is very aroused, gently move the clitoral hood aside to access the head with a very well-oiled finger. Try a very gentle caress directly on the head.

Look to your partner and observe her reaction. Ask for her feedback. If she's enjoying the direct touch, continue to gently stroke her here. If not, you can ask her how she would like to be touched or simply move on. Maybe she's not aroused enough. You can try again later.

Don't look for the clitoral orgasm! Even if your partner asks for it, wait and don't take her to climax. We will use the sexual energy built from clitoral stimulation to awaken other zones. Use the clitoris as a booster button!