How to Deal With Emotional Release

emotional release

Yoni massage can trigger intense emotional release, and the giver must be prepared to have the right attitude when it happens.

We always aim to have a totally relaxed and open yoni, but the truth is that most women store pain and emotions here. After a few massages, this might come up, so it's a good idea to be prepared. When a woman faces and overcomes these traumas, she will experience an emotional release that translates into a release into pleasure and energy flow. This is a necessary step to becoming multi-orgasmic.

For centuries people in Asia and the Middle East have known that our bodies store emotions, but it's a new topic for Western people. To be fully prepared to help your partner release her traumas, let's see where they come from and how they could be blocked or stored in her body.

A question arises spontaneously: "Does every woman have buried traumas? Why?"

Emotions are meant to flow naturally through our bodies when we feel them. Positive emotions, like joy or happiness, are usually allowed to run free in the body, but the negative ones are frequently hidden. For instance, if you feel anger or sadness, and it isn't appropriate to express them in the moment, you will try to minimize your reaction and suppress your feelings. This could cause a contraction or a tensing in your muscles or tissue; you might not even be aware of it.

Let's clarify, "trauma" doesn't necessarily mean sexual abuse such as rape or physical violence. A woman's body can record as a trauma something like feeling pushed to have sex with a boyfriend when she didn't feel like doing it.

She said yes, but her body didn't. Mind, heart, and body were not aligned. Such experiences can be buried in the tissue of her body, especially in her yoni.

Understanding the female mind will help you give her more pleasure and accept any emotional release. Your partner might have some insight or flashback during the massage, but maybe not, and there is no need to ask. Harmony, pleasure, and healing come hand in hand.