How Do You Feel?


Prepare yourself mentally before the massage with a 10 minute meditation for example.

You need to feel your man's trustable presence before you will open your heart and body without guard. It's a step-by-step process of learning. He learns to be more present; you learn to be more open.
David Deida

During this session, you will learn some techniques that might trigger intense emotional release in your partner, and you will have to be fully centered and present to handle it.

Before you begin, take a moment to find your inner balance and harmony. Have you ever meditated? What a wonderful occasion to begin!

Just sit in a comfortable position with the spine straight, close your eyes, relax, try to empty your mind, and just focus on your breath. Observe without judging. Are you breathing with your belly or with your thorax? Can you feel the air entering your nose and mouth? Is it warm? Thoughts will come and go. Each time you find yourself thinking about something, just go back to the breath and relax.

Try to always start with a meditation, even a short one of 10 minutes. Your centeredness is key during a yoni massage. Invite your partner to do the same.