Discovering the Cervix

Discovering the Cervix

The cervix can be stimulated in many different ways. Come on the side of your partner and insert your thumb, deep enough to feel her cervix, and pulsate on the top of it.

The cervix is a sensitive spot. Start by connecting with it. Place one finger on the top, pulsate your finger slowly, and feel it. Ask for feedback:

  • "Do you feel my touch?"
  • "Shall I use more pressure?"
  • "Is it pleasurable if I touch your cervix?"

Case 1: She doesn't have a lot of awareness.

In this case, work on connecting the body and mind as in the Beginners section. Stimulate different spots in order to awaken her awareness and play with the spots you know she loves.

Case 2: She responds well to your touch.

In this case, explore the area and discover what gives your partner the most pleasure. Here are some suggestions, but let your intuition and creativity guide you:

  • Circle a finger around the cervix. Start slow and increase the pace.
  • Gently flick the cervix with one finger, first from the bottom upward and then the other way around.
  • Stimulate the cervix on either side.

In the next class we will see how to use this touch to awaken the cervical orgasm.