Mastering Female Sex Organs (Diagrams & Photos)

Before getting into the real action, it's important to become familiar with female anatomy so you can easily locate her treasures, such as her clitoris, G-spot, cervix, etc... It's equally important to understand how her pleasure grows in order to bring her to orgasm... once, and then many times in a row.

This section will alternate theory with hot tips. Keep an open mind, and try to approach this subject with the attitude of a child discovering a wonderful new toy. You will learn more this way... and have more fun!

Female Arousal

The focus of a woman's arousal generally travels from the outside of the body to the inside. Like heating water, it takes time to boil, but once it's hot it can stay that way for a long time.

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Male and female arousals are very different. For women, arousal takes longer and can be punctuated by many orgasms of different intensities. For men, climax usually comes more quickly, and recovery time is longer.

Unlike the mostly linear progression of male arousal, the female arousal response is complex and does not follow a particular pattern. Every woman and every sexual experience is unique. She can experience different kinds of orgasms of different intensities, and she can climax a few times in a row. For this reason, it is important to pay close attention to your partner's responses, to learn how to read her and vary your actions accordingly.

The course begins by locating and describing the various parts of the yoni. A deeper understanding of female anatomy will help you to connect more deeply with your partner. The more you know about anatomy, the better you can make your woman feel by playing with and stroking different areas in different ways.

The Vulva

Let's begin our tour on the outside of the body.

You are probably already familiar with this area, known as the vulva, which is the external, visible aspect of the yoni. It is the first place you encounter when intimately touching a woman.

The vulva is often confused with the vagina, but they are two different body parts. The vagina is the canal; it is not visible from the outside.

Every woman's vulva is as unique and individual as her face. Try to forget any images you may have from movies and magazines. These images are often digitally altered, and the women themselves have often had plastic surgery. This is a "fake" beauty.

Approach your partner's yoni with openness and acceptance, and appreciate its unique beauty. Admire its shape, texture, hair, and fragrance. Even compliment your partner on the beauty of her yoni. This will help her feel beautiful, receptive, and relaxed.

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The vulva comprises the external organs of the yoni (those you can see):

1 - Clitoral hood (foreskin)

2 - Clitoris

3 - Urethra

4 - Vagina

5 - Outer Lips

6 - Inner Lips

7 - Anus

Pubic Mound

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Pubic mound of a young woman

The pubic mound is the soft, fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone and is naturally covered in hair. It isn't very sensitive, but it contains numerous scent glands. The scent of a woman's pubic mound is designed to stimulate sexual desire in her partner.

Despite what popular culture might insinuate, a woman's yoni is not supposed to smell like fruit or flowers. However, the smell should also not be unpleasant. A bad odour is a sign of imbalance or poor health and should be treated by a health professional.

Appreciate your partner's unique fragrance and the magical pheromones it imparts.

The pubic mound is naturally hairy. Nowadays, most people keep that area tidy and trimmed.

Outer Lips

The outer lips (5), also known as labia majora, lie just under the mound and can be various shapes, sizes, and colours. They are formed by fatty tissue and naturally covered by hair. The outer lips protect the hairless and sensitive inner lips. They contain blood vessels that swell during arousal, so their shape and colour change when a woman becomes sexually excited.

The outer lips are not considered to be an especially pleasurable area and are often neglected. However, they are sensitive, and massaging them can give a feeling of deep relaxation.

Inner Lips

The inner lips (6), or labia minora, are found just inside the outer lips. They are covered by a slippery soft and delicate tissue: the mucosa.

This is a very sensitive area that is easily irritated by chemicals, mechanical stimulation, or excessive hygiene. Be sure your hands are clean, well oiled, and smooth with well-clipped fingernails before touching this area.

The inner lips contain blood vessels that swell during arousal and become a darker colour when the woman gets turn on. Read her lips!


The urethra (3) is found between the clitoris and the opening of the vagina. It is connected to the bladder and tipped with the urethral opening, which is the small hole that allows urine to leave the body.

The urethra is also where the fluid from female ejaculation (also known as squirting) comes out!


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The clitoris is the "pleasure button" located at the top of the vulva and inside the inner lips. While every woman's clitoris is unique, and the variations are near limitless, the clitoris is most often the size and shape of a pea.

This extremely sensitive area contains about 8000 nerve endings, with a greater density than anywhere else on the body, and it is made of erectile tissue that becomes firm during arousal, much like the penis.

The clitoris has distinct components: the glans, the shaft, the two legs, and the vestibular bulbs.

The glans, or head, of the clitoris is covered by a hood, and it is the most sensitive part. Many women find this area to be too sensitive for direct pressure or rubbing. This spot tends to get the most attention, but there is much more to discover!

The shaft of the clitoris, also known as the body or corpus, is about 3 to 4 cm in length and runs from the head of the clitoris up toward the pubic bone. Most of it is internal. You can feel it by placing a finger on either side of the head and very gently squeezing, playing with pressure. Do you feel a tubular structure? That's the shaft. The shaft is less sensitive than the head, so more direct contact and pressure can be very pleasurable here.

The legs of the clitoris extend outward from the shaft in a wishbone shape and are held within the body. While these can be difficult to perceive, they become engorged and may be easier to feel during arousal.

The vestibular bulbs are underneath the outer lips. During arousal, the bulbs get filled with blood, causing erection and cuffing the vaginal opening.

The clitoris is the primary source of orgasm for most women. During a yoni massage, we focus more on vaginal orgasms and use clitoral stimulation to trigger them. Most women know their clitoris and how to touch it to get to climax. Just ask her what works for her!

The Vagina

OK, now let's move deeper, to where the eye can't see...

The vagina is a muscular tube leading from the uterus to the vulva. Most nerve endings are concentrated on the walls of the lower third of the vagina, close to the entrance.

During arousal, the walls of the vagina lubricate in order to reduce friction or injury during penetration.

The next sections present different zones of the vagina that give very specific sensations and are quite erogenous, such as the G-spot, the K-spot, and the cervix.

The vagina is a muscle, and the more your partner trains it, the more she will feel pleasure and be able to give it back during intercourse. Jade eggs (or Kegel beads) are an amazing way to work out!

The G-spot

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The G-spot (aka urethral sponge), which is actually an “area” more than a “spot,” is located just inside the vagina, slightly tucked under the pubic bone. With your hand palm up, if you slide one finger just inside your partner’s vagina and bend your finger in a “come here” gesture, you will feel a slightly rough patch of tissue, much like the texture of the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth. As arousal builds, the tissue becomes engorged and the ridges become more pronounced.

Stimulating the magical G-spot can result in the powerful form of orgasm known as “squirting” or female ejaculation, where a thin liquid, called kalas in Tantra, is expelled from the urethral opening. Every woman has a G-spot, and every woman can experience this type of orgasm.

The K-spot

Many people are unaware of this lovely area (aka the perineal sponge or PS-spot), which is located on the floor of the vaginal tube, between 2 and 6 cm inside the entrance, basically opposite the G-spot between the vaginal and anal canals.

You can easily find this spot if you turn your hand palm up and enter your partner’s vagina with your thumb. If you bend your thumb at the top joint, you will feel a thicker area of the vaginal wall – that is the perineal sponge.

This area is also made of erectile tissue that becomes engorged when aroused, and its level of sensitivity will change with increasing sexual desire. This is generally a “safe” spot; it isn’t overly delicate and can take quite strong pressure. Stimulating this area can provide a grounded, relaxed, aroused feeling.

The Cervix

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The cervix, a pear-shaped structure, is found at the bottom of the uterus. The opening of the cervix is called the os. Two tubes, known as the fallopian tubes, branch off from the uterus, one on either side, and are tipped with the ovaries, the organs that contain a woman’s unfertilized eggs. The ovaries rest on the surface of the uterus. The size of the ovaries varies between women and depending on age, but they are roughly the size of large strawberries.

During the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the cervix changes texture, position, and sensitivity. During and immediately following a woman’s period, her cervix will be low and firm, similar in texture to the tip of your nose. As she moves closer to ovulation, her cervix will rise higher into the body and become softer, closer to the texture of your lips, eventually becoming so soft that it blends with the vaginal walls and can no longer be felt.

As we have seen, the reproductive system is deeply connected to pleasure. The cervix moves not only depending on the time of month but also according to the level of sexual arousal. The uterus itself also moves, rising and falling, during sexual pleasuring and intercourse.

There is a connection between the uterus and the muscles at the opening of the vagina (the so-called “round ligament”). When a woman becomes increasingly aroused, her vaginal muscles tense and the uterus rises. Additionally, during orgasm, a woman’s uterus pulsates deeply in a slightly slower rhythm compared to the spasm of the pelvic muscles, potentially triggering intense emotions and powerful sensations. The pulsing action also acts as a pump, drawing in the sperm.

The cervix is very sensitive, another reason for its movement. During high arousal, the cervix lifts out of the way in order not to be bumped. This allows for deeper and harder penetration without discomfort. If you’ve ever noticed that your partner enjoys different positions and is more or less sensitive depending on the time of month, it could have to do with the position of her cervix.

The Anus

The anal area is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings and therefore is a very sensitive and erogenous zone. The tissues are also quite delicate, and stimulation can quickly become painful if it is not done with a lot of care and patience.

The anal canal does not have natural lubrication the same way as the vagina. Use a lot of lubrication if you want to explore this zone.

Don't go back into the vagina after penetrating the anus without cleaning your finger (or whatever was inside) with soap and water. The anal area contains some bacteria that do not mix well with the bacteria in the yoni.

Its vicinity to the vaginal canal allows many different kinds of indirect stimulation of the vaginal erogenous zones.